Cuba Trip Itinerary – 800 Miles – MARCH 3-10, 2018

Our vision is to help create opportunities that will build a bridge of goodwill to the people of Cuba.

The Mission

Throughout history we have witnessed incredible moments that have made lasting impressions not only on ourselves but also on entire countries and even the world. Such a time and opportunity is again at hand as Americans return to Cuba with a heart of service and compassion.

Miles with a Mission, in partnership with One Heart – Many Hands (OHMH), will coordinate a fundraising motorcycle tour of Cuba. These funds will facilitate the ongoing work of OHMH and Heart to Heart International. Our goal is to raise at least $250,000.

Funds raised through this project are tax-deductible and will go directly to One Heart – Many Hands. Your generosity will help:

  • Continue construction on building a permanent warehouse for storing medical supplies and building materials. Construction has begun but has been delayed due to setbacks from recent hurricane activity.
  • Coordinate a container shipment of medicines, supplies and building materials each year keeping the warehouse as stocked as possible.
  • Continue to nurture a strong relationship between the Minister of Health for Cuba and One Heart – Many Hands. This relationship has been forged and continues to grow because OHMH has delivered on what has been have promised.
  • Encourage more professional exchange opportunities between medical providers and surgeons.
  • Promote more volunteer engagement opportunities on a consistent basis. So far, OHMH has created opportunities for over 60 volunteers who have volunteered their time in Cuba.

Much has been accomplished, but there is much more to be done.

In 2013, Dr. Gary Morsch (Founder of OHMH) and George Sisler (President of OHMH), traveled to Havana and met with government officials. Enthusiastically, the Cuban officials welcomed the idea of a project designed to address basic healthcare needs and building renovations needed to improve the lives of the Cuban people. Since then, OHMH has accomplished much – two container shipments of medical supplies and building materials, ongoing volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, and a professional medical exchange that resulted in a successful hip replacement for a teenage boy.

Want to do more than donate? We’re looking for riders and non-riders alike!

Pricing for Riders

Each rider is asked to cover their expenses of the ride, plus raise at least an additional $ 5,000 -10,000. Our goal –to raise at least $250,000.

Expenses will be based on the final number of riders committed to participating.

  • Price per rider for single occupancy will range from a minimum of $4750 to a maximum price of $6000. This is an all-inclusive package covering motorcycle rental, fuel, insurance, lodging, meals, bus transportation, guide service and a bilingual ride coordinator.
  • Pricing does NOT include airfare to Havana. Travel visas are now granted through the airlines and picked up at your departing gate from Florida to Havana.
Non-Riders are Welcome!

During the day, our non-riders will be exploring Cuba by van as they travel the same itinerary as the riders. Pricing for non-riders will be determined by total group size, but will not exceed $4750 per non-rider. Double occupancy room rates are available. This is also an all-inclusive package covering transportation, lodging, meals, guide services and a bilingual tour coordinator.

Highlights from the Test Ride in March 2017


Thank you to our public sponsors:

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